Staples   2015 Holiday #MoreJoy! Site

#MoreJoy! was the branding for the 2015 Holiday campaign at Staples. This is the wireframe and mock ups for the combination responsive-adaptive social media landing page for the #MoreJoy! campaign. This page served as an aggregator for the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook #morejoy postings by customers and Staples. A modular system of standard card sizes was developed to accommodate the various types and content of the postings. The content, and therefore the layout of the pages, updated every 15 minutes. The visual design of the page was aligned with the larger #MoreJoy! campaign which spanned online and instore customer experiences.

Akamai   Script Management App

Script Management is a new capability of the Akamai Control Center web portal. It provides insight into third party scripts present on a customer's websites. Third party scripts often have impact of site performance. Customers can manage how third party scripts run, or do not run. on their sites using the action options provided by the Script Management family of tools.

Landing Page

Policy Editor Page

IDEMIA   Drivers License App

IDEMIA is developing a phone app based digital drivers license or ID card platform for deployment in the USA. These screen mock ups are of the next release of their mDL app. The next version of the app offers new capabilities such as Privacy driver license/ID screens, and the ability to wireless share your ID information securely. The next version of the app also uses a new visual design system. The app is only available in a limited number of states at this time.

Card View

Screen Mock Ups

Form View

Staples   Phone App


Mock Ups

Design proposal for the next generation phone app. The app has a dynamic card based user interface which enabled users to personalize their home screen. The cards would be expandable to display additional information and/or control objects. The cards would support shopping tasks but would also offer tools to assist consumers or small businesses.

Staples   iPad App

The Staples iPad app was the first tablet app developed by Staples. It pioneered the new user experience for Staples omni channel user experience. An Android version was developed but not released.

Siemens   DCA Vantage Analyzer

Samples From My Design Portfolio

The DCA Vantage analyzes the level of HbA1C in a human blood sample. The sample is applied to a single use test cartridge which is inserted into the DCA for analysis. The DCA analyzer is used by laboratory technicians or diabetes educators.

Visual Design   Mock Ups

Visual design shapes the user experience by the effects of illustrations, photography, typography, iconography, space, layout, and color on the usability of products and on their aesthetic appeal.

Interaction Design   Wireframes

Interaction design wireframes and wire flows depict in a minimalistic manner the contents and layout of the screens/pages comprising the graphical user interface for a product system. Product user interface simulations or prototypes can be created using wireframes, which may be used for presentation to stakeholders and/or usability testing with target users.



Interaction Design   Task Flows

Interaction design task or work flows depict the sequence of actions and navigation between the user and the product system when controlling a complex system or completing a desired activity.

Design Research

Design research is foundational to producing well designed products. It provides insight into target users, their goals and their needs/wants. It also provides understanding of the context and environment in which products will be used. I have experience in each of the Design Research areas shown below.

User Persona Development

Environmental and Contextual Research

Usability Testing

My Product Design Experience

The following provides an overview of the companies I have worked for and the types of products I have developed for them.


An accomplished product user experience designer who enables companies to be successful by working with development teams to deliver innovative, easy-to-use product offerings which fulfill their customer’s needs. A strategic thinker and effective leader, with a passion for design, who brings together development teams to tackle complex and fast-paced projects. Adept at creating compelling product design solutions which make powerful technologies easy and enjoyable to use.

Inspired by

Steve Jobs

Peter Skillman

Dieter Rams

My favorite product

My smart phone. It gives you amazing capabilities while fitting in your pocket.

What I like to do when I'm not designing

Travel. My last big trip was spending three weeks exploring New Zealand and Australia. Next up is Iceland.

Resume CV


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